Monday, January 12, 2009

An ill world?

It hit me hard when my father became ill last year in the middle of December. It made me think a lot about health and how highly exposed we are to ads. How big a threat are they to us?
They have the cure for an easy meal in our stressed day, and an unhealthy way to perceive humans as merely markets which equals an ill body and mind. Western people with money live in a so-called priviliged society but still I cannot skip the pictures of western people dying of heart diseases and so on as a result of a wrong lifestyle, and girls starving themselves to resemble manipulated models in advertisements on bus stops. Not only becomes this carrier-centered, fast-living life normal but it also sneaks the unnessary luggage with it.

That led me to....millions and millions people suffering from chronic starvation.
White people have led a biological warfare and dehumanization against people who lived on land which had a certain value to newly capitalist Europe. They brought diseases intentionally to every continent they sat foot on. 90% of the population in Central and South America died in less than a century. Some from diseases which were endemic in Europe. That does not mean the native population was particurly weak, they were just not used to the kind of diseases which the Europeans had plenty of.
Europeans brought animals to South America which decreased the value of the hunters in some societies, and thereby destroyed them piece by piece. The native Americans were wiped out on purpose because they were in the way. First they were used as slaves, when that did not work out they were to no use.
Tribute to be paid to the 'masters' of the colonies is an obvious sign of oppression and later assimilation, when the colonialists moved away from products as payment (such as raw materials etc) to money which meant the native people had to work in an European sense where they receive a salary.

Africa, South America, continents considered underdeveloped are not weak, behind or any of the bad images Europeans try to put onto them through the media. There are horrible problems in Africa but they were caused by, firstly, centuries of 'trade' that led to an extremely low population compared to pre-slavery and secondly, colonialism which stole the natural resources and changed the diet of innumerous people that led to the poor state of health.

Today the target group is practically everyone falling for the inventions of supposedly smart men making money. Money bills made of cotton, such a perfect way to illustrate slavery.

To be a healthy human has just as much positivity in it as it has a good diet.
'Good news' do not seem to survive their journey to the surface of the media, but positivity is an element desperately searched for in this ill world. Positivity is an act which starts from within as well. A positive spirit does not fall for negativity.

Are we independent in a society where we need voices, not our own, to pave our way?

Wipe your mind once a week and enjoy a fully home-cooked meal. It can do wonders.


Maithri said...

Dear Sister,

I was sorry to hear that your dad was ill, I pray he is well again and that you and your family are at peace,

What a joyous moment it was to see Obama become president,

Things are changing my sister,

Thank you for all the positive energy you bring to the world,

For your sense of unity,

Much love, Maithri

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